Jade Bird — Good Woman

Holy crap, I am digging this track! I had no idea who Jade Bird was until I heard her raw-yet-melodic voice, bluesy chops, and snarling guitar on this incredible song. I’ve rarely hit “download” faster.

11 seconds in, after the first part of the first verse, I was already hooked. 20 seconds in, at the lead in to the chorus, I think I bit my lower lip–white man overbite style. 27 seconds in, on the hard downbeat that start the chorus, I slammed the steering wheel and yelled “Damn!” (I was driving home…alone, thankfully). 35 seconds in, hearing a light brush of 60’s soul-style backing vocals, I knew “Good Woman” would be this week’s blog post.

This is definitely the most free-flowing, raw, and rocking song I’ve heard of Bird’s. It’s off of her 2017 EP, Something American. Her catalogue is a real interesting mix of folk, Americana, and approaching-pop songs. She put out a hooky, bright, catchy single earlier this year (“Lottery“). But, as I’ve dug into her music, I most admire the grit to her rootsy songs and, especially, this “Good Woman” track.

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