SHIRT – Flight Home

I can’t quit this track. Released earlier in the year, I just keep coming back to it again and again and again. The beat is hypnotic and SHIRT’s heavy vocal delivery drips and rides over it; casually and, at times, in a drawl that feels just a step behind the beat. Taken together, they create an instant and, to me, irresistible vibe; laid back and steady, real gritty, and with a continuous hum and pulse. Slow, but urgent.

This is the lead single off SHIRT’s new release, Pure Beauty, which came out in late 2017, but has had a staggered physical release into early 2018. There is a whole lot going on in the album; I am duly impressed by the scope of SHIRT’s influences, his beats and production, and some of the introspection in his lyrics on the record. Like this single (but for different reasons), I keep coming back to the album over and over. It’s a rewarding listen because there’s always some new layer or song element to pick up on.

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