The Why

Simon (Sinek) says, “Start With Why.”

Good advice to give. Harder advice to live. But, always a good place to start. And, so, why this blog?

Why #1:  A relatively sudden and increasingly strong urge to put something out to the universe. Something creative. Something nourishing. Something that’s me and mine.

Why #2: I love music. And, I want to share music that I love with those of you who care to read, and listen and, perhaps, share what’s in your own ear.

Why #3: Learning to actually play an instrument is proving too difficult. 🙂

I will post one track a week. Mostly current-year stuff; new releases, new-to-me discoveries, but with some throw backs occasionally added to the mix. And, maybe some photos I take. And, the occasional musing. But, primarily music.

All set? Let’s go.



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