Henry Canyons – Well Acquainted Strangers

Damn, I am enjoying getting to know Henry Canyons’ work. He’s a new discovery for me, but his music squarely hits one of my musical sweet spots: low-toned, fluid vocals and lyrics that glide over slow-rolling, flowing beats — the kind you just instinctually and slowly nod your head to.

Based in LA, he seems to draw heavily on the stylistic traditions of West Coast rap: tight production, funk and R&B-style beats and samples, and songs driven by/anchored in an uncannily smooth flow. Add to that Canyons’ voice — which I can only describe as “syrupy” — and I’m all in.

This is the first track off of his latest release, an EP conceived during a two-month artist-in-residence program. It’s a great album and the back story of it’s creation is worth reading. I am fascinated by how distinctly the tracks — individually and as a collective — capture a creative moment-in-time.

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