Nao – Woman (feat. Lianne La Havas)

New music from Nao? And, it’s a collaboration with Lianne La Havas?! I doubt I’ve ever downloaded a track faster when this dropped just two days ago on Monday. I am such big fans of each of them that, honestly, they could have just hummed together for three minutes or read menus from their favorite takeout joints and I would have been writing about it.

But, thankfully rather than either of those options, they released a banger. A song that drives hard with a steady, throbbing bass and drum track, but that is made equally sultry with Nao and La Havas’s vocals. All I heard on my first listen of Woman was the music; their voices complementing each other so smoothly in the verses, swirling together in the choruses, and the track just nodding along with an upbeat-but-smokey vibe.

On my second listen, I heard the statement of the song. The lyrics to back up the title:

"Baby I'm living in this magic place / 
It's showing me that God's a woman, yeah / 
So maybe you should worship me / 
Yeah, I'm reigning the sky"

Announcing the track release, Nao wrote on Instagram: “I truly believe this is the start of a new dawn where being a woman – esp a woman of colour – can and should be celebrated. This is our time! We all deserve to be celebrated.”

And, celebrate Nao and La Havas do here, with stunning artwork from Tishk Barzanji (@tishkbarzanji) to accompany and make glow the sense of joy, honor, and empowerment this song delivers.

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