In My Ear – The 2019 Playlist

We back! Man, it’s been more than a hot minute since I’ve posted on this here blog. What can I say? Life got busy and there’s only so much late-night posting and content creation this body and mind can stand.

But, after putting the blog on ice for the fourth quarter of last year, I’m blowing off the cobwebs, wiping the dust from the keyboard, and playing some catch up before moving onto 2020.

First up, the annual In My Ear Playlist. Except for celebrating albums (i.e. really great albums that I listened to often and in full, versus just singles or individual tracks), I don’t do rankings or ratings. Overall, this is just a list of the songs, records, and artists who resonated with me the most over the course of 2019 and put out the best music I heard.

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In My Ear 2019-Quick-Hit Reflections and Themes

  • Hip-hop and R&B artists/communities continue to be en fuego.
  • E.g. Anderson .Paak. That dude was everyone and I rocked with everything he put out.
  • I like country music?
  • Genres don’t matter much anymore.
  • Artists are feeling very introspective…and I found myself gravitating to those who did it quietly. A safe harbor?
  • Vulnerability. There were a lot of artists who released incredibly personal records this year. It’s heartening that they felt the space and support to do so.

In My Ear 2019 Album Picks

New Ways to Follow In My Ear

I’m *finally* ticking off a priority to-do here on my beloved, non-monetized side hustle: playlists of all the songs posted on the blog, updated with each new post.

Nudged along by those of you who have kindly asked for easier ways to access the featured tracks and take them with you as you walk, drive, exercise, work, distract yourself from the apocalyptic news media, etc., I say, “Ta da! Here you go! It only took me 11 months!”

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