New Ways to Follow In My Ear

I’m *finally* ticking off a priority to-do here on my beloved, non-monetized side hustle: playlists of all the songs posted on the blog, updated with each new post.

Nudged along by those of you who have kindly asked for easier ways to access the featured tracks and take them with you as you walk, drive, exercise, work, distract yourself from the apocalyptic news media, etc., I say, “Ta da! Here you go! It only took me 11 months!”

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In addition to following both of these playlists/adding them to your libraries, here is the recap of the other ways to follow and get updates as I add new content:

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Masego — Lady Lady

Masego is a a new discovery for me and this is a really fresh track as his debut full-length album Lady Lady drops today. The same-titled single was one of the record’s pre-releases and it stopped me cold on my first listen.

Masego is a chameleon. A Jamaica-born, Virginia-raised, self-taught saxophonist, pianist, singer, and producer work across musical genres and blending music, fashion, and visual arts. Dude’s got style and swagger for days. And, the musicianship to back it all up.

He coined a phrase “traphousejazz” to describe his own music. For sure the jazz part of that, but I hear as much/more classic soul, 80s’ vintage pop R&B, and 90s’ era Tribe Called Quest hip-hop. I mean, the album cover — with the cursive font and crushed velvet curtains alone — pays direct homage to Michael Jackson and Prince.


I was also struck by the way this track channels Fela Kuti’s Lady. Not so much of the AfroFunk musical style; Masego is smoother and less gritty. But, the songs feel similar in their titles, themes, lyrics, syncopation, and saxophones.

Welcome to your weekend, people. Make it sexy.