Brother Ali – Own Light (What Hearts Are For)

No better way to kick this blog off.

Brother Ali is one of my favorite MCs — favorite musicians, period. This track is from his record All the Beauty in This Whole Life, released earlier this year. Always soulful, strong with a message, and ridiculously skilled on the mic (he’s got rhymes for days. Google his name + freestyle and watch the clips. Crazy), he goes spiritual on this latest record.

This song has been on regular repeat for me all year.


The Why

Simon (Sinek) says, “Start With Why.”

Good advice to give. Harder advice to live. But, always a good place to start. And, so, why this blog?

Why #1:  A relatively sudden and increasingly strong urge to put something out to the universe. Something creative. Something nourishing. Something that’s me and mine.

Why #2: I love music. And, I want to share music that I love with those of you who care to read, and listen and, perhaps, share what’s in your own ear.

Why #3: Learning to actually play an instrument is proving too difficult. 🙂

I will post one track a week. Mostly current-year stuff; new releases, new-to-me discoveries, but with some throw backs occasionally added to the mix. And, maybe some photos I take. And, the occasional musing. But, primarily music.

All set? Let’s go.