IDER — Mirror

Take the best of 80s pop hits (bright melodies, lots of keyboards, simple synth beats with crashing background effects), add two perfectly tuned and matched female lead vocals, and a dash of modern lyrics….and you’ve got yourself some IDER.

I first fell for IDER in 2017 when they initially released their quiet, elegant single Body Love. Now that single helps to anchor their debut album Emotional Education, due out in July and led off by the equally fabulous track Mirror.

IDER is in fact Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick, university friends and now flatmates in London whose voices were clearly fated to harmonize together. Their sometimes dreamy, sometimes power pop songs are characterized by hooky melodies, introspective lyrics, and gorgeous, gorgeous singing. Haim is an easy current-day reference, with throwback influences of Kylie Minogue/Belinda Carlisle-style 80s pop — but brushed up and muscled out with layered production and Somerville and Markwick’s much richer, soaring, multi-tonal voices.

Mirror is a great showcase of their distinct sound and thematic lyrical focus on self and identity. The track pulls you in and carries along beautifully through two verses and a chorus before absolutely taking off at 2:14. If you’re fist isn’t even slightly raised in the air by the end of the track — you need to go back and listen to it again.

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