Loyle Carner — Looking Back

Two solid weeks of a mixture of vacation and work travel put a dent in my blogging schedule, but I’m back…so let’s get after it!

A bunch of great music has come out since my last post, but Loyle Carner’s sophomore album Not Waving, But Drowning is a stand out. His 2017 debut record Yesterday’s Gone completely floored me and remains one of my favorite albums from that year. Carner blends intelligent, thoughtful lyrics with deft flow, well-crafted, soulful beats, and a low-toned delivery touched with a very characteristic (to this American) South London accent.

All of that continues on this second album, which, like the first is a true record: chock full of captivating songs that are thematically and sonicially cohesive. Carner gets even more introspective and candid here — and matches that inner searching with a hushed sound, generally consistent tempo, and sparse beats, often just with just a simple beat/bass line and piano/keys. There are breaks in the reverie (the single You Don’t Know is a great listen), but generally this is a steady, hushed head-nodder that strips away noise to focus attention on lyrics that Carner seems intent on conveying .

Photograph: Dean Chalkley/The Observer

There are love songs honoring both his mother and his girlfriend. Songs about living with ADHD, vulnerability and masculinity, and feeling generally lost in the world. Songs about identity, like Looking Back where Carner puts pen to paper on his experience as being mixed race. In an interview with Apple Music about this song, he says,

“I don’t know if I ever really had a black conscious before. I wanted to, but I didn’t know if I was allowed to have one. Being too white to be a black kid and too black for a white kid at school, it’s something I think about a lot.”

I love this track and I love this entire record.

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