Simple — Jay Som

In the midst of a busy week in the news, in my home life, in the world of indie music (SXSW!!), this new single from Jay Som is a gift of quietude.

Her first music released since Nothing’s Changed (a 2018 collaboration album with Justus Proffit), Simple comes out as Jay Som is reportedly working on the sophomore follow-up to her excellent debut solo record Everybody Works (a personal favorite of mine)

Most often categorized with the (IMO) frustratingly vague and reductive “bedroom pop” genre, Jay Som’s Simple includes her trademark lo-fi stylings and California cool, but set at a decidedly slower, deliberate tempo. Her breathy, hushed vocals wash over slightly jangly guitars, strings tracks, and densely layered synths to create a gauzy, dreamy mood.

It’s just a lovely little track to lose yourself in.

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