Little Simz (again) – GREY Area

A month ago, I featured Little Simz’s single 101 FM ahead of the release of her record GREY Area. That single was dope. The three other advance singles were dope. I was excited for the full album.

Fast forward to last Friday, March 1 when GREY Area dropped — and I promptly, and completely, lost my shit. This record is beyond In My Ear; it’s in my brain and my damn bones.

The album is next level. The rhymes and wordplay are masterful. The diverse beats are perfectly matched with Little Simz’s delivery, cadence, and her fire. It’s nostalgic. It’s political. It’s personal. It’s rhythmic and melodic one minute, and then bruising and dissonant the next. It’s anthemic, hopeful, confrontational, brash, and reflective.

It’s a statement. And, I am here for it.

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Featured Image: Jeremy Cole

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