Cherry Glazerr – Self Explained

I got pinched on posting last week and the schedule this week isn’t any friendlier, so I’m going to be rapid fire here.

Cherry Glazerr, one of my favorite personal discoveries of 2017, is back with a new record, Stuffed & Ready, released a couple of weeks ago. And, it shreds. Definitely an evolved sound from 2017’s Apocalipstick — a bit less spiky, some new sounds and sonics, and a nice added airiness to frontwoman Clementine Creevy’s vocals — but the band remains pop-but-edgy punk, and loud, and turnt-to-11-electric.

One of the lead singles, Daddi, is deservedly getting a lot of dap, but I’m going with Self Explained. Bitingly candid, introspective lyrics sung over a sweet melody with an awesome build up to a crashing climax. Sold.

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Featured Image by Pamela Littky

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