Lamont Landers – Easy

Ain’t no reason to complicate this post by setting up how I heard this track or describing its’ elements or explaining why it hit me. All you need to know is that Lamont Landers’ new single Easy is just a pure sip of sunshine.

Lamont Landers is a young band. While their sounds are very different, there are comparisons to be made with St. Paul & the Broken Bones. Origins in Alabama; blue-eyed soul, self-taught front man reared on classic soul music. And, like the Broken Bones, Lamont Landers will have to work to keep their sound fresh or risk making records that sound the same and music that gets too easily labeled.

But, no need to think on all that right now. Easy is soulful, funky pop deliciousness of the sort that will always, always be in my wheelhouse. A tight melody, funky slap-bass line, a little chicken-scratch electric guitar. Yessssss…….

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