The Beths – Future Me Hates Me

May I introduce you to the song that you will be humming, singing, and/or air-guitaring all weekend? The Beths strike power/indie pop gold with this song. And, it’s just one of many catchy tracks off their debut album of the same name (released in August) that feature loud, raucous guitars, massive choruses, and melodic, almost-effortless, pop hooks.


Other commenters and critics have cited the degree of “joyous-sounding angst” that drives The Beths’ sound and their clever lyrics. Future Me Hates Me (dammit, that’s such a good title) is a great example, with a bouncy melody and frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes’ at-times airy soprano housing lyric lines that whiplash between playful optimism and resigned gloom.

“I never wanted to, I didn’t want to fall /I don’t believe that love’s a good idea at all…. /

But there’s something about you…. / There’s something about you / I wanna risk going through /

Future heart break, future headaches / Wide eyed nights late lying awake / With future cold shakes from stupid mistakes / Future me hates me for, hates me for”

The Beths come out of New Zealand’s crazy-hot indie rock scene and is made up of four musicians who studied jazz together in Auckland. I’m not alone discovering them; this record is blowing up all over the place. They are having a moment…and deservedly so. Crank up this ear worm track and then go check out the rest of the record, which is destined for many “top albums of 2018” lists.


Featured image by Mason Fairey


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