Vacationer — Being Here

It’s vacation week for In My Ear, so I will keep this brief. The beach is calling. And, I think the universe did too, dropping this track and so-aptly-named band in my lap as I headed off for a bit of R&R.

Vacationer is a new discovery for me, but they’ve been around since 2011. Airy, atmospheric, dreamy, electro-pop that immediately conjures comparisons to Beach House. Their third studio album, Mindset, was released in June and the chilled out single, Being Here, caught my attention.

I’m such a sucker for music that recalls the 1970s, which this track does for me — mostly, the combination of backing strings and the lilting, near-falsetto of lead singer Kenny Vasoli in the melody line.

I just breathe this song in. The perfect vacation vibe.

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