Kali Uchis — Nuestro Planeta (feat. Reykon)

It’s been a bit of a week. Busy at work. Busy at home. Busy thinking about Life (big “L”). Combine that with the sheer amount of music that is always coming out (new singles, new releases, new album drops) and I haven’t had much time — or, frankly, motivation — to think about posting to the blog…or to process new music out that I vibe with…or even to listen to music that’s serving a purpose beyond background noise.

Given all of that, I confronted the dreaded blinking-cursor-on-blank-page with a super-simple question: “What song or album I have been listening to the most?” No criteria other than that.


That would be this song from Kali Uchis. I’m fucking addicted…in the best possible way.

I didn’t know Kali Uchis until this year. I don’t listen to the radio, where she gets decent spin. I don’t follow mainstream pop much, and she’s certainly in that category (saying that without judgement). But, this song — and, in fact, her entire debut album Isolation, which came out in April — has pulled me in completely. Her voice is spectacular: a ton of range, incredibly melodic, and recognizably jazzy even in a more polished, pop context. The musical influences are wildly diverse; the production lush, but tight and not overdone; and the lyrics, overall, are introspective and thoughtful instead of breezy or superficial.

Album aside, Nuestro Planeta is the track that’s been on repeat for me. I just.can’t.get. enough of the reggaeton beat to this song, which is a perfect complement to Uchis’s gentle, almost sweet vocals. There’s a sense of restraint in her voice; it lifts and swells over the beat at times (carrying me right along with it), but never soars.

Uchis sings entirely in Spanish and features Colombian reggaeton star Reykon El Lider on the track. She speaks of the song as ode to her native Colombia.

“Colombia is so advanced, drenched in culture and full of magic. I want people to see that.”

During a busy stretch for me, with lots of thoughts, to-do lists, overburdened inboxes, etc., this track is smoothing me out.

Wherever you are — in the car; at home doing dishes; walking to an appointment; heading out for a drink — let this song transport you. ‘Cause it will.

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