Now, Now – Yours

I don’t know what’s going on here. For the second week in a row, I find myself captured by and loving a very 80s-sounding record. This isn’t me! Up is down; left is right; what the hell?

But, dammit, I do like this track. A throbbing, pulsing bass line. Breathy vocals from KC Dalager with some great “mmms” that just slay me (listen for them!). A catchy, almost glimmering melody. Simple, but confessional lyrics–about love lost and/or scorned and/or denied and/or desperately sought–that seem much grander because of the music that surrounds them.

It’s a total earworm. The mood and vibe of the entire song is perfectly captured right in the first two lyric lines:

I’m driving faster with the windows down / Just to keep my mind off of you

Now, Now is a new discovery for me, but likely not for others of you. They’ve been around since the mid-00s, gigging and generally getting lumped together with Fun., Paramore, Death Cab for Cutie, and a slew of other 2000-vintage indie-rock groups I’ve never heard of. They got their start in the Minneapolis suburbs. Yours is one of a trio of singles pre-released off of their upcoming album, Saved, which is due out on May 18. A comparison with their past stuff confirms what’s present in Yours — a more polished, slick, hookier, pop vibe. Reminds me a lot of Haim, but with welcome glimpses of Now, Now’s more muscular, indie-rock, guitar-driven origins.

Welcome to the weekend, people.

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