JPEGMAFIA – Baby I’m Bleeding

This track right here is why I write In My Ear — to make note of and share music that stops me in my tracks, breaks through the chatter and clutter of the day-to-day, and makes me feel something real and hard.

“Baby I’m Bleeding” is all of that. It’s a 2 minute, 34 second sonic assault, driven relentlessly by a ferocious industrial beat that mixes manipulated vocal and electronic sounds. JPEGMAFIA raps hard over that beat, settling into a classic kick-snare groove and layering in all sort of other sounds for a wildly textured track. Pure lightning in a bottle.

Off of JPEGMAFIA’s recent release, Veteran, this track includes all of the album’s greatest qualities. Breathless, almost breakneck pace and energy; cutting political and social commentary that apologizes for nothing; imaginative use of layered sound; and in-your-face experimentation. It’s not a casual listen. It’s not meant to be.

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