Lucy Dacus – Night Shift

Stop it, Lucy Dacus. Stop it with this song and your slow build and your warm, slightly lilting voice and your piercing lyrics and your monster, power-chord finish. Stop making me kinda want to break-up with my wife just so I can play this song (a glorious, glorious break-up song), light myself on fire with emotion, and rage.

This track is just a beast. A beautiful, aching, moody beast that starts soft, pivots into new chords and a new lyric line roughly midway through, and then drops an effing hammer on you at 4:09. The lyrics stand out as the brainchild of a gifted songwriter and wordsmith (wise well beyond her 22 years); she conveys a lot in a little and her imagery is direct without being simple. And, my goodness, the climax and finish of this song — it has just stuck with me for days.

With her new album Historian, Lucy Dacus is headed toward indie rock stardom and superhero status. This track is just one of a number of standout songs, all of which fit and work together as a true album. It’s thematically consistent without being repetitive; sonically consistent without being boring or limited in its influences. From what I’ve read and watched, it’s destined to be at or near the top of many/most “2018 Best Album” lists come December–for fans and critics alike. It’ll certainly be on mine.

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