Rhye – Please

I got all mixed up on days this week (midweek snow storms and school cancellations will do that), so it’s a Friday special of In My Ear. But, it’s worth the wait because today’s post is all about Rhye.

Last week, Rhye released their long-anticipated new album Blood. I included two pre-release singles from the album on the In My Ear 2017 Playlist (including this track, “Please”), but am featuring them now because the album is fantastic.

If you’re not familiar with Rhye, you’ll be excused upon listening to think it’s fronted by Sade. But, no, it’s lead singer/writer/producer Michael Milosh. In his review of the album, Robin Hilton of NPR Music commented that this is music that changes and dictates the entire mood of the room when it’s put on. I couldn’t agree more. Put Rhye on, and the room gets hushed, lights get dimmed, candles get lit, conversations fall to whispers, people start to sway gently on their feet, time slows down, and everything becomes a bit sensual. The tempo rises and falls throughout the album, but it stays in a tight range and is always anchored by Milosh’s arching and aching voice — which is layered to near perfection through the production.

It’s just beautiful.

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