The Regrettes — Feel Your Feelings Fool! (Album)

Two posts this week! Album review today, followed tomorrow by the In My Ear 2017 playlist.

I don’t always like punk music, but, when I do, it often sounds like The Regrettes. Loud and brash and full of power chords, but driven by some great beats…and all without sacrificing melodic harmonies. There’s a lot of 50s-60s doo wop influence in the music, but, despite my relative aversion to that style, I came back to this record over and over during the year.

The title alone is phenomenal; it’s been a personal theme for me all of 2017. The songs are hooky and the lyrics are extremely relevant to this year’s social and cultural upheaval–especially issues of gender, women’s empowerment, and sexual harassment and assault. Want to stiffen your spine to speak out/stand up in what you believe? Want a big fuck you to hierarchy, chauvinism and the male establishment, and men/people who generally suck? Delightfully, that’s this entire album.

Rock out, people.

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