Jenn Lindsay — You’re Like You

It’s a special post! My first opportunity to feature someone I know. Like, actually know.

Jenn and I met back in 2004 (wowwww, Jenn, that math just sunk in) when we were briefly enrolled in the same graduate program….until she realized she had miles to go, albums to make, and many additional degrees to earn before she slept. She has an extensive bio and while the role or position that music has taken in her life has changed over the years, it’s always been core to her being. Her Jenn-ness.

For some reason or another (helping me out with a fundraiser for an organization I was involved with, I think), Jenn played a small house party concert at my apartment. The memory of that night was firmly in my mind when I thought of this blog and so I’m really, really happy Jenn agreed to feature her music here.

Jenn live, breathes, and inhabits all that is indie and folk and about indie and folk music. She’s in the singer/songwriter tradition of raw, down-to-earth lyrics about the everyday shit we all encounter, backed by her own acoustic guitar melodies. Example: her Me, Too playlist.

“You’re Like You” is off of her 2014 album, Allora Eccola. Here’s what Jenn had to say about it:

“Lately, I’ve been trying to get some of my music up and out into the world. Sometimes I listen to it and I feel kind of wistful that I never really got it out into the world the way I wanted to. Allora Eccola [especially] deserves some airtime. It is my least heard album because I was already beyond the exhausting process of publicizing when I made it. I just made it for love. ‘You’re Like You’ is a happy, darling song about my sweet, feisty husband.”

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