Odesza – Higher Ground (feat. Naomi Wild)

I had a different song picked out to post today. A good one.

But, after a couple of “meh” days — days when I’ve been trapped in my head and my thoughts and my brooding — it didn’t feel right to put that song up. And, since this blog is an opportunity for me (and hopefully an invitation for you) to feel more through this music — really feel — I’m putting up this track by Odesza instead.

When I’m in the headspace I’ve been in much of this week, my mind feels heavy (literally weighted; anyone know what I mean here?) and my thoughts spiral around on an endless loop and my entire field of focus narrows. “Higher Ground,” on the other hand, makes me feel light, and soaring, and expansive. I need all of that right now. Maybe you do too.


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