Rapsody – Power (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Lance Skiiiwalker)

I was first introduced to Rapsody a few years ago when she kept showing up on tracks by other favorite MCs of mine…and absolutely crushing her solos.

In my mind, she is one of the best MCs and artists out there. Period. Full stop. I’m not surprised that she often gets categorized and set up only against female contemporaries (even by people and on sites that are promoting her music — looking at you Apple), when she stands toe-to-toe with any male rapper. But, it still drives me crazy.

She has an ear for great beats and production, she can rhyme over any sample, and her lyrics are on par with any artist of any genre: authentic, smart, creative, often funny, highly autobiographical, and rich with meaning. She is the rare musician whose songs I listen to repeatedly and keep discovering new things about them.

This track off her new album, Lalia’s Wisdom, is catching lots of attention because 1) it’s awesome; and 2) it features Kendrick Lamar, who will make his debut on In My Ear in a few weeks time (an opportunity I’m sure he’s been coveting). But, if you dig this track and Rapsody, check out Black & Ugly from this album — where her full artistry and skill is really on display; four minutes of raps over a sparse beat with only two choruses — or her 2014 album, Beauty and the Beast, which I actually like even better than this one.

FYI – She cusses on this track, so be sure to earmuff it.

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