Phoenix – Ti Amo

Refresh your  memory about what this blog is all about (here and here) and then come back to read the rest of this post. It’s about music I love — pretty much full stop.

And, I fucking* love this song. The pulsing beat. The melody. The drop at 1:23. So good. It’s been in my head (and on repeat to start many-a-workday) ever since Phoenix released their album in June, as have plenty of other tracks on the record.

If you don’t find yourself belting out (or desperately wanting to) the chorus on your 2nd listen, well then…..we can’t carpool.

*-Warning: Avert your eyes, sensitive readers, there will be cursing on this blog. It makes me feel better (borrowed from GFOB Bo Bigelow, with a shout out). You’ve been warned.

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