Ibeyi – I Carried This For Years and Away Away

Thanks to everyone who has checked out the blog so far, shared it, and hit me up with words of support. I appreciate all of you for tuning in. Let’s keep it rolling.

Man, oh man, do I love Ibeyi. They are the definition of fusion; culturally, musically, sonically, etc. Their music is meditative and propulsive; percussive and melodic; dissonant and harmonic; rooted in tradition and bracingly modern (I even like how they use AutoTune, which I don’t generally go in for).

I’m posting the first two tracks from their latest album, Ash. Hang in there with them both because I love the songs as a pairing and think they showcase Ibeyi’s power, depth, and range.

Teaser: If you’re not driving or walking or otherwise need to see, close your eyes at the start of I Carried This For Years, breathe deep, and wait for 1:09 in the song….

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